Where is Pattaya?

Are you thinking of a vacation full of sun and fun! The ideal place for it is Pattaya, Bangkok. The Jomtien beach in Pattaya could be the ideal beach for you if you are a family person. It includes a quiet surrounding with water sports and amusement parks. If you are single person Pattaya beach would be ideal beach front for you along with all the entertainment it includes.

Pattaya is situated in the Chonburi province which is only 150km away from Bangkok, but reaching Pattaya is a bother considering the time it requires, as it consumes a two and a half hour drive on the highway from Bangkok. Therefore a new express rail link is under construction between Bangkok and Rayong with a stop at Pattaya that will only take less than an hour to travel to and fro from Bangkok to Pattaya.

This rail link is assembled from Makkasan station to Rayong passing four provinces and five stations where the distance happens to be 221 kilometers. It is going to be a highly consumer friendly speed train which takes a matter of minutes to reach Pattaya unlike the train service that runs at present.

It takes over three hours to travel from Bangkok to Pattaya while there is only one train going to Bangkok from Pattaya and another from departing from Bangkok to Pattaya that is available at the moment. Although the fare is thirty one baht and economical than other travelling options that travel to Pattaya, it is highly inconvenient considering the facilities and time. Only third class trains are available in this route which includes one fan. You are not provided with the facility of booking tickets in advance with current train that travels to Bangkok from Pattaya.

The new rail link will be providing the convenience and comfort in travelling in an express train similar to the Suvranabhumi rail link in Bangkok. The Pattaya rail link is supposedly being funded by china providing the technology and management expecting to complete the construction by 2020. This link is planned to connect to Laos as well.

This rail link under construction at present is going to attract more foreigners to Pattaya while it will be a tourist paradise with new developments that would be introduced after completion of the rail track. Therefore this rail link is going to perform wonders to Pattaya and all beach lovers can enjoy the sun and have some quality time in Pattaya, Thailand very soon.

For more information please visit the Pattaya Airport Link